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Just received my second rug pad from american rug pad last week, had to do a review. The pad is just terrific. I bought a nice rug from JCPenny but i was just using a web non slip pad and it made the rug feel cheap and thin, it is a $400 rug not that cheap. The pad made all the difference. The pad is thick and the rubber is awesome you will not find a better rug pad for you 8 x 10 carpet than this for $80 or more I assure you. by George H., IL

Feb 25, 2015

Your pad is AMAZING!! We decided to lay hard wood in living room.  The installer was amazed at the pad grip.... He asked for your info and will pass along to his customers.  We have tried every pad, tape, "sticky corner" triangles, etc - nothing worked.  American Rug Pad is incredible.  I will be ordering a hall runner shortly. Thank you for such a great product. by Kathi F., CT, August 24, 2014

We finally took up our rugs, disposed of the old rug pads and replaced them with our new pads, and they fit perfectly. They don't slide around and they are comfortable to walk on. Thank you for your patience and for sending free samples. by Leslie M., IL, July 23, 2014

Everything about my purchase was wonderful! I wanted to ask a question regarding the rugs....and an actually person answered my call on the second ring! No computer! He answered my question quickly and I was then able to place my order easily on the internet. The rugs came in a few days (across the US, no less) and are perfect for my rugs. The quality is excellent. I would recommend American Rug Pad in a second to anyone looking for rug pads!! by Theresa H., CA, July 7, 2014

great experience. Found what I needed. by Sandy W., LA, June 27, 2014


I really like the fact that this product is American Miriam M., MA, June 20, 2014

These rug pads are great: thick and really good at staying in place. I highly recommend them and the company that makes them. by Beth B., NJ, June 12, 2014

good experience. by Barbara S., FL, June 2, 2014

The pad works well. Was less expensive than local and thickness is great. by Glenna F., CO, May 31, 2014

I liked the extra information they provided about their product. Also customer service representative was very knowledgeable. by Lisa M., TX, May 26, 2014

Great customer service, friendly helpful and knowlegeable. by Terry N., NH, May 19, 2014

Just have nothing but good to say..the item arrived in good time, it was as described, etc. If I had to say anything it would be for all new customers to get the pad exactly where you want it before putting the rug itself down because there is no moving it. A good thing. by Anonymous, May 17, 2014

Love the rug pad and the price! Thank you so much. by Joyce F., CA, May 8, 2014

Simple site but the information I wanted was easy to find and order processing was a breeze. The free shipping is a big bonus! by Lynn R., CA, May 4, 2014

Great pad and arrived promptly. by Jim K., VA, May 2, 2014

Great product! Bought rug pad about three months ago and did not even attempt to find anyone else to fill the order. Had great delivery as the item reached my home in two days. by Florence S., FL, April 25, 2014

I was quite impressed with the speed of the shipping process. I think I ordered the pad in early afternoon and received notice it had been shipped before 7pm that same day. It arrived today. Thank you. by Sandra P., OH, April 22, 2014

I recently ordered a pad from you. It came and I love it. Now I want to order another size. by Patricia D., PA, April 5, 2014


I ordered 2 rug pads from you and have thus far been very satisfied. Thank you. by Lynette V, NJ, March 24, 2014

I had a question and emailed American Rug Pad and receieved a very detailed and informative and polite response in a timely manner. by Laura B., RI, March 9, 2014

User friendly website. Found exactly what I wanted and described in detail. by Elinor M., CA, March 9, 2014

good products, easy online ordering. by Nancy S, CA, March 7, 2014

Affordable quality. Easy site to use. by Sue A., WI, March 1, 2014

I've been doing a lot of research on rug pads (my friend got one at Home Depot and it ended up leaving a horrible residue on her expensive hardwood floors). I ended up going with American Rug Pad, which is the same company I used 3 years ago. They are by far the best and the least expensive. If anyone is looking for a great company, call American Rug Pad at 888 784 7231. They are family owned, and they have no middle men inflating the prices (like all the other companies I contacted). Oh, and did I mention, the shipping is free?! LOVE them!!by Cat C., CA, February 20, 2014

I had a question and was answered via e-mail, next day i called and they were very helpful allowing me to make a quick decision on my purchase. by Jaime C., SC, February 12, 2014

Excellent experience, my 2nd order and will be using again, by Catherine H., NC, February 1, 2014

All the rug pads have been placed covered with rugs. Just wanted to say thanks for your help with our order. The service and product were certainly the best! by Steve I., PA, February 10, 2014

great pad! thanks again. by Andrew J., MO, February 8, 2014

Looks just as good as the store pads at half the cost. by Sue M., PA, January 20, 2014

Makes shopping fast and easy at a reasonable price! by Sue A., TX, January 13, 2014

Pads arrived earlier today. Excellent quality and service. by Geraldine F., WA, January 12, 2014

Outstanding service...will highly recommend to everyone I know. by Janet D., PA, January 10, 2014

I was pleased to know that the product is made in America, which was a big point for me, and when I requested the samples they were delivered within 3 days for my review at no charge. by Patricia D, OH, December 17, 2013

Quality products and service! by Lammert Z., CA, November 28, 2013

Great product at a good value and fast delivery. by Bill P., WI, November 27, 2013

Thank you for such a great product, which I can recommend without hesitation. Your price was very reasonable and your service exemplary., by Elaine N., WA, November 20, 2013

I was delighted with the size selection. Other companies did not have the large size I needed. Thanks!, by Sandra W., NC, November 18, 2013

Nice job!, by Donald M., OK, November 12, 2013

I am ordering for the second time and was completely satisfied with the first order., by Pete P., TX, February 9, 2013

great to find a company that delivers what it says and on time with great customer service. They came in at about half price of their competitor. I will send them business. by Bob P., CA, Dec 29, 2012

good product .. happy overall., by Nancy M, NY, December 6, 2012

great product. by Mary N., OH, November 22, 2012

I called first to get information and my questions were answered. I then called a local provider and found the price to be more so I ordered from by Jean S., OR, Nov 20, 2012

Dear American Rug Pad, I got the three rug pads -- they are great! by Larry G, CA, November 6, 2012

Good product. I needed rug pads to keep area rugs from slipping on tile floors. These pads work great and were very reasonably priced. by Art P., PA, October 23, 2012

Used the listed phone number to ask questions and that was helpful in my purchasing decision. by Agnes D., NJ, October 20, 2012

Pleased with rug pad purchase. Convenient and easy on-line ordering. Great description about product on website. Good quality for a good price. Efficient shipping AND no out of state tax as well as no shipping fees. So happy to purchase a made in the U.S.A. product! by Sandra F., FL, October 8, 2012

Good product. Just what we needed for our area rugs on tile floors! by Art T., CA, October 6, 2012

The detailed information regarding the rug pad was very informative and the check out was very clear and easy - by Sandra M., OH, September 28, 2012

Thank you for helping me with the size to order, and letting me know the cost. You were a great help - by Mary M., AL, September 19, 2012

Incredibly easy to order and exceptionally great price and phone questions answered efficiently - by Priscilla W., VA, August 29, 2012

I really like the thickness of the Dense Felt pad and how it has worked out with the other rugs I have ordered pad for- by Kay S., NJ, August 20, 2012

This was very easy to order. This is not always the case when shopping on line - by Randall B., PA, August 18, 2012

I just placed an order for your All Felt rug pad. I have ordered this in the past and plan to replace all of the pads in my house with this product. I really like it - by Wendy J., AZ, July 7, 2012

Rating:5/5 stars


I called in to speak with a live customer service representative before making an online purchase to clear up some questions I had. They were very friendly and answered all questions thoroughly. I am very satisfied with the service I recieved and the online shopping as well! Thankyou!- Rhonda E., IN, July 16, 2012

Rating:5/5 stars


I love your pads, I have bought many. They make my rugs much safer, last longer and stay in the right place.AND they don't deteriorate like many do - by Francis S., PA, June 5, 2012

Rating:5/5 stars


Great Product - by Ashley S., MI, June 29, 2012

I just received my pad order for 12 special sizes and I want to thank you for writing the rug and pad size on every piece that we received. This made our installation so easy - by Claude S, FL, June 27, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

I purchased a carpet rug pad from you recently and I am very satisfied with how it has eliminating the wrinkles on my rug. Thanks you for recommending your Dense Felt pad - by Pat M, VA, May 5, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

I think your rug pad is a good one. We already have it down and are really enjoying it. Thank you for shipping in record time and I appreciate the free shipping - by Randy M, MO, April 30, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

Hello this is Cindy A. and you guys have just sent me my rug pads and I wanted to call and tell you thank you for delivering like you said and when I needed them - by Cindy A., KS, April 14, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

I have to say, your rug pad is wonderful. I am really enjoying it - by Kay S., NJ, Mar 19, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

I have my new pad trimmed and under the rug. It's wonderful that the rug no longer slides when I go over it in my wheelchair. The room now looks neat at all times - by Margaret G., TX, Feb 15, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

Please send me free samples of your pads. My wife has just purchased new oriental rugs for our new house. We moved into it in December and are just now starting to decorate it. The rugs are expensive so I want to make sure I have your pads to protect them. A friend told me about you so that is why I am calling. I just cannot decide which one to get - by Gerald R., RI, Feb 4, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

Dear Rick, thank you so much for such great service. I look forward to having better protection for my family and the rugs - by Cynthia O., CA, Feb 3, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

I received the rug pad and it fit perfectly and feels great! My kids love their new area rug! Thank you for the wonderful customer service. I greatly appreciate the extra distance (literally) you went through to ensure we received our rug pad - by Lisa O. CA, Feb 2, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

I recently ordered two of your pads and I am very pleased. Now I would like to order more for my daughter in law. Your prices are great and it even includes free shipping. I love doing business with your company - by Meg H., MA, Jan 24, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

I just ordered the All Felt pad a few weeks ago and now I need one more 8x11 size. I am real pleased with the product. Thank you so much - by Chris S., Ohio, Jan 6, 2012
Rating:5/5 stars

Your prices are the best with the best quality. Very pleased - by Brenda W. TX Dec 7, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Your pad quality is excellent and your prices are the best! Thank you - David R. OH, Dec 5, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I called for assistance and Rick answered all of my questions. Great service - by Kathy N. IN, Nov 9, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I purchased both of your pad types and am very pleased with both. My condo neighbors are happy with the reduced noise from my kids. Very satisfied with your product - by Sandy M. NY, Nov 2, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I tested your free sample under my floor and found no issues with my floor after 30 days. Now I am ready to order. Thank you for your great service - by Heidi A. NJ, Nov 2, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I used your Dense Felt pad on tiled floors. Now I dont have to look at anymore grout line impressions on my rug. Great Product - by Ken S. FL, Oct 24, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Very impressed with your fast delivery. I received my pad 2 days after placing an order - by James P. NY, Oct 17, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Your Dense Felt pad is the perfect solution for my wrinkled rug over my carpet. Thank you, thank you - by Lisa W. MI, Oct 5, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Great product, great service, great price - by Chris B. AZ, Sept 26, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars


Thanks for helping me with my order and doing what you do best - by Kathy N., MI, Sept 19, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I just placed my 3rd order and want to thank you for your consistent service. I will recommend you to others - by Craig T., TX, Sept 5, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Thanks for helping me select the right product for protection of my hardwood floors - by Carrie R. MO, August 20, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Received my order a few weeks ago. Very satisfied with the quality of pads. Great service - by Carol B., MA, August 15, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I love my Dense Felt rug pad - by Sara Y., GA, July 13, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

A friend told me about you and I am glad I found you. I love my rug pad. Thanks for the great service - by B. Montgomery, TN, June 24, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Thanks so very much for the info when I called you. This will help me very much. GREAT SERVICE - by J. Ivey, MS June 1, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Thanks to you my rug over carpet will now behave and does not wrinkle - by Jane F. MS, May 20, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I am really enjoying my rug pad. Thank you - by Donna K. CA, May 12, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I am redoing my hardwood floors and my friend recommended calling you for my rug pad needs. He was right - by Kelly R. VA, April 29, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I first ordered your rug pad for one rug in my house. After seeing it, I really liked the quality and was impressed with your quick delivery. Now I have ordered your rug pad again for placing under all of the rugs in my house - by A. Johnson, Hermitage, PA, April 4, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Great pad, great service. Very satisfied - by Kay P, MN, March 20, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Your pads are great,I will need more soon .Thanks for your help and quick service - by Hugh L., Gibralter, MI. Date March 13, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

I love your product. I plan to use you for all of my future rug pad needs - by Ann T. FL, Feb 26, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

Great customer service. And great rug pad - by Mike H., LA, Feb 3, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

This pad is just like those sold in my local carpet store but a much better price - by Suzie M., Ark, Jan 9, 2011
Rating:5/5 stars

It is a nice pad, easy to flatten and didn't smell at all, which I was worried about. The price was superb. Thanks American Rug Pad. I will buy again - by Jean M., Richmond, VA Dec 17, 2010
Rating:5/5 stars

GREAT Rug Pad - by Jean V., CO, Oct 2, 2010
Rating:5/5 stars

Our Customer Service team is ready and willing to assist you in any way. If you have any questions about our product, please email us at americanrugpad@comcast.netor call us Toll Free at 1-888-RUG-PAD1 (888-784-7231). Our free shipping service is with UPS ground. After you order you can enter your confirmation number at the Service tab at the bottom our homepage. After entering the confirmation number you will able to view your UPS tracking #. View below to see a few of our customer's comments.

We have an experienced shipping staff on hand ready to process your orders in a timely manner. Our goal is to ship within 24 hours or sooner. We have found that when a customer has made a decision to purchase a rug pad, they usually want it delivered right away. Sometimes it could mean that they have just purchased a rug. We have added a ship date to our home page. It tells a customer which day their order will ship based on when they place their order. When we have shipped our last order of the day, this date will be updated to the following business day for shipping. Our philosophy is to maintain an adequate inventory at all times for being ready to ship once an order is received. Each rug pad is plastic wrapped and boxed at the time of shipping. Bymaintaining an adequate inventory we are able to maintain excellent service levels and keep our cost to a minimum and pass on more savings to the customer. We carry over 20 different sizes. If a customer cannot find a correct size, we encourage the them to buy the next larger size and trim the rug pad to fit. Both of our rug pads are easy to cut with scissors. When cutting a pad to size, first position the rug over the pad in one corner to where the rug is just touching floor. This is usually 1" to 3" less than the rugs edge. Then cut the opposite corner pad to the same dimensions away from the rugs edge.

At AmericanRugPad, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your rug pad purchase, simply return it for a full refund. We are also available to discuss any questions at anytime by calling us at 888-784-7231 or emailing us at

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