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Our Mission, AmericanRugPad was started as a business to supply the best functional rug pad products to the marketplace at discount prices. Our experienced staff has been involved in the Area Rug and Rug Pad industry for a combined 40+ years. We have gained valuable experience with rugs and rug pad products. We offer only the most functional pad products that satisfy all of the reasons why you need a rug pad. We hope you enjoy our products.Our Philosophy, We believe rug pads need to provide 3 main functions. For one, they need to hold the rug in place on the floor. Two, they need to provide a cushioned support under the rug. Third, they need to protect the floor underneath from harm. Finding a pad that can provide all 3 of the main functions we describe can be a challenge. Our Products,For a rug pad that fits all 3 of the main functions we describe for a pad, we have developed the "Dense Felt" pad. It is a felted material that has been needlepunched using the same fibers used for making carpet. It has a backing that is made with natural rubber which provides non-slip properties to hold the rug in place. It has a thickness of 1/4" to provide cushioned support under the rug. There are no issues with the "Dense Felt" harming the floor, because we are using natural rubber for the backing. It is also an Ideal rug pad for use on carpet flooring. To properly install over carpet, reverse the rug pad with the rubber side against the rug. For hard surface flooring, the rubber side should be on the floor The "Dense Felt" pad will keep the rug from buckling which is a common problem for rugs over carpet. It will also protect the carpet from possible transfer of color from the rug to the carpet. The Dense Felt is a very functional and highly versatile rug pad due to it being recommended for both hard surface and carpet flooring.Another product that we developed is called the "All Felt" rug pad. This is a newer item created based on feedback received from customers. It consist of 100% fiber that is 1/2" thick and it has no rubber backing. It has exceptional cushion properties since it is extra thick and it has an exceptional rating for not harming floors since it is 100% fiber. The soft felt side of this pad should be installed against the floor. The "All Felt" pad is a very functional product where exceptional cushion is desired. We highly recommend our "All Felt" pad product, especially for higher end rugs such as Oriental, Persian and Hand Knotted area rugs where added protection is desired. Both of our pad products come with a 20 year wear guarantee. If you cannot decide which pad is right for you send us an email with your name and address and we will send you a free sample. Our email address Recently, using our extensive knowledge of the rug industry, have sourced a complete assortment of rug products in various qualities and price points. We developed these rugs in Turkey which has become a great place to find exceptional value rug products with great quality and great prices. We hope these products compliment our business strategy and help us continue to grow in the future.Our Shipping,We have an experienced shipping staff on hand ready to process your orders in a timely manner. Our goal is to ship within 24 hours or sooner. We have found that when a customer has made a decision to purchase a rug pad, they usually want it delivered right away. Sometimes it could mean that they have just purchased a rug. We have added a ship date to our home page. It tells a customer which day their order will ship based on when they place their order. When we have shipped our last order of the day, this date will be updated to the following business day for shipping. Our philosophy is to maintain an adequate inventory at all times for being ready to ship once an order is received. Each rug pad is plastic wrapped and boxed at the time of shipping. By maintaining an adequate inventory we are able to maintain excellent service levels and keep our cost to a minimum and pass on more savings to the customer. We carry over 20 different sizes. If a customer cannot find a correct size, we encourage the them to buy the next larger size and trim the rug pad to fit. Both of our rug pads are easy to cut with scissors. When cutting a pad to size, first position the rug over the pad in one corner to where the rug is just touching floor. This is usually 1" to 3" less than the rugs edge. Then cut the opposite corner pad to the same dimensions away from the rugs edge.Our Promise,At AmericanRugPad, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your rug pad purchase, simply return it for a full refund. We are also available to discuss any questions at anytime by calling us at 888-784-7231 or emailing us at

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